HLA Attachments Side Discharge Sand Bucket

HLA Side Discharge Buckets allow you to manage material faster than ever before. The left or right discharge design eliminates the need for awkward maneuvering, saving you even more time. Spare the shovel and save your back, get a Side Discharge Bucket for your material handling needs.

  • Minimum 12 GPM required
  • Made of same material as sawdust bucket
  • Baffle brace and beater to improve flow and keep weight off belt
  • 34″H x 50″L outside dimensions
  • Two hydraulic motors on discharge belt (72″, 84″ & 96″ only)
  • Bolted adaptation for loader quick-tach. Easily convert to most loaders
  • For Outside Width add 2-1/2″ to Inside Width dimension.
  • Danfoss Hydraulic Motors
  • Made in Canada
  • 1 cubic yard heaped capacity
  • Sand/Gravel/Topsoil

HLA Side Discharge Buckets aren’t left or right, they’re both. The direct drive hydraulic motors are controlled from the cab, so you can decide to spread material to the left or right with no setup changes. Less machine settings means more time to get the job done. Direct drive motors provide all the power you need to manage materials quickly and effectively. Checking and servicing the motors is simple and easy because of their convenient position.

Chevron Belt: The 12 inch wide heavy-duty rubber sand belt with mini cleats is driven by direct drive hydraulic motors. The belt shield reduces start up strain on the belt and the beater assembly prevents bridging and promotes consistent flow. Belt Tensioner, available on all models, the easy to use belt tensioners not only help to avoid belt slippage but can be adjusted to ensure the belt always runs straight.