Dumpster Bucket 72″ Skid Steer Quick Attach

Dumpster Bucket 72″ Skid Steer Quick Attach


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Introducing the Skid Steer Quick Attach Dumpster Bucket 72″ from Blue Diamond. This durable and convenient product comes with a Skidsteer mount for easy attachment. Enjoy hassle-free waste disposal with the Dumpster Bucket B/D 72″, designed to make your tasks more efficient.

1 in stock

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The Skid Steer Quick Attach called “Dumpster Bucket 72″ from Blue Diamond® is a highly practical and valuable addition to any job site. Designed to handle heavy-duty tasks, this bucket proves its worth with its impressive functionality. With its oversized capacity, it serves as a convenient trash container that can be stationed near the work area. Once filled, simply transport it effortlessly to the designated large dumpster for disposal.

Versatility is a key feature of this dumpster bucket. It can also be employed for transporting lightweight materials and tools across the job site, making it an indispensable asset. Moreover, it is capable of efficiently carrying various items such as mulch, trees, shrubs, gravel, and sand.

This product is available in different widths to suit your specific needs. Apart from the 72″ version, customers can choose from a range of sizes including 50″ and 84” widths. Designed with durability in mind, this skid steer quick attach offers a robust and long-lasting solution for construction or landscaping projects. Embrace the convenience and functionality of the “Dumpster Bucket 72” to streamline your work processes and enhance productivity on the job site.

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