Premier 12″ Stump Planer Auger, 2″ Hex

Premier 12″ Stump Planer Auger, 2″ Hex


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Min. 3,000 Ft. Lbs. Auger Drive Torque

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Premier Brand 12″ Stump Planer Auger, 2″ hex (min 3000 ft lb torque)

Premier Attachments stump planer auger is a great way to provide additional value by adding the ability to turn your Premier auger attachment into a powerful stump removal tool. By adding this stump auger bit to your arsenal of attachments you can safely grind stumps down without the mess, noise and danger that a conventional stump grinder produces.

Our heavy duty 3/4″ flighting provides superior support to the dual cutting edges. Having this flighting on the stump planer also helps in removing the shavings from the cutting edges keeping the blades in constant contact with the stump. Our high-quality alloy cutting edges are engineered and designed to last. They can easily be removed and sharpened when needed. Our durable spiral center point is engineered to pull the stump auger into the stump so that little down pressure is needed. This heavy-duty center point is easily replaceable as well.

We would recommend that the 12″ diameter stump auger bit would be best suited on most standard flow drive units.

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