Flail Mulcher for Tractor

Flail Mulcher for Tractor

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Baumalight Flail Mulcher for Small to Mid-size tractor

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Baumalight 3PH Flail Mulcher for Tractor up to 45 HP

Designed for compact tractors, the FMP260 will efficiently cut long, heavy grass or short diameter brush. The FMP260 is equipped with 30 F2000 flail style teeth which will swing back when hitting stones, so less damage is done to the teeth. Designed to easily maneuver around objects and access tight spaces, the FMP260 also packs some power using a heavy duty gear for higher performance and longer life. To protect the gearbox and drive system, the FMP260 Flail Mower comes with a slip clutch., automatically disengaging the clutch at a predetermined torque. To maintain a steady, even mow height, the flail mower has an adjustable roller bar.

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