Danuser Python Wire Winder 2″ hex

Danuser Python Wire Winder 2″ hex


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Danuser Python Wire Winder 2″ hex

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The Python Wire Winder takes the bite out of rolling up fence wire.

With features like tie wire grooves, ten wire starter slots, and retention pin storage, the Python is sure to put the squeeze on your next wire wrapping project.  To wind up a single strand or multiple strands, simply attach the Python to a hydraulic auger drive with 2” hex, place the two tie wires in the grooves, then place the fence wire strand(s) in the slot(s), and turn on the auger drive to start wrapping.  Tilting the drive unit toward and away from the direction of the wire will allow for even spooling. Once the wire is wrapped up, wrap the tie wires, pull the pin, separate the two halves, pull the roll of wire off, and reassemble the Python to start on the next section.

Up to 3/4 mile barbed (12.5 gauge)
Up to 6 miles smooth (14 gauge)

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Weight 90 lbs


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