Brush Mulcher for Skid Steer

Brush Mulcher for Skid Steer

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Brush Mulcher for Skid Steer

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Our 500 series fixed tooth brush mulchers for skidsteers are designed to maintain and clear fence lines on farms and entry level contractor work. The 500 series Baumalight brush mulchers will efficiently mulch heavy brush and small trees and are offered with two different types of teeth. The Planer style teeth take small bites and provide the most efficient mulching and cutting. The Ripper style teeth have more of a shredding mulching action. Their v-shaped design makes them less susceptible to impacts with hard objects like stones, making them the better choice when mulching below grade and in fence lines. The 500 & 700 series skidsteer mulchers come with pressure gauges which is very handy to watch and see how close you are to maximum pressure; once you start blowing over relief the mulcher becomes very unproductive.

Baumalight MS560 Brush mulchers can be purchased with hydraulic motors to match the specific skid steer it will be mounted on.
The MS560-C510 operating at 3000psi can cut brush ranging from 2.5″ to 3.5″ depending on your skid steer’s hydraulic flow.

All Baumalight brush mulchers require a case drain.

MS560 Fixed Tooth Brush Mulcher

Path Width                  75″

Rotor With                 60″

Min Carrier Weight   5500 lbs

Cutting Depth     1.5″ above ground to 1″ below ground

Rotor Diameter      15″

Rotor Weight         575 lbs

Unit Weight          2115 lbs

Case Drain    Critical

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Weight 500 lbs


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