Bridgestone Regency Skid Steer


  • Enhanced controllability
  • Off-road terrain traction
  • Upgraded load durability


The Firestone Regency Skid Steer is an all season tire manufactured for industrial vehicles.

The tire features a directional tread design, with angled lug placement, which upgrades the off-road terrain traction. These tread elements optimize the deep mud and loose terrain traction by providing additional biting edges. This excellent traction ensures the tire’s soft and hard terrain performance, enabling the tire’s versatile work-site applications. As a result, this model is perfect for industrial vehicles.

The tread design’s surface contact also upgrades the controllability as well. The angled lug pattern’s consistent performance increases the steering responsiveness and driving stability. In other words, the tire promotes a quick and precise steering response to the driver’s commands, while the structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the tire. Since the driver’s better control over the vehicle is guaranteed, the tire manages to greatly upgrade the tire’s handling and driving safety.

The Regency Skid Steer improves the load capacity as well. The reinforced internal structure keeps the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure. Since the tire does not deform, it is able to securely carry and withstand heavier loads with ease. This results in the tire’s overall load durability, promoting a safer heavy-duty driving experience.