Powder Coating Galvanized Steel Pipe

How long does powder coating on a galvanized steel pipe last? The duration depends on many different factors, including the quality of the prep and materials used. Different coatings will last longer if the technician uses materials that ensure maximum adhesion. The bottom line is that you must only contact an experienced company with a long history of producing excellent powder-coated work to last a couple of years or decades.

What You Need To Know About Duplex Powder Coating Galvanized Steel Pipe For The Ultimate Longevity

The duplex coating has a mix of different coating methods, which are added to enhance the overall process and keep the galvanized surface its colour for longer. The application process is slightly different because we have to improve the conditions for the best results. Here are a few benefits of duplex coating systems:

  • The high level of preparation ensures the results last longer, even when faced with intensively corrosive elements
  • The method used to coat galvanized steel prevents the formation of cracks that eventually lead to cracks and the ultimate failure of the entire coating.
  • You can use steel coated with duplex systems in external structures that suffer from intense weather conditions because the moisture will not leak through easily.

How We Prepare Galvanized Steel

The methods and specifications used to prepare galvanized steel will depend on the particulates of the material. Our formula prioritizes the smoothness and thickness because our long-term objective is that the high-quality powder coat lasts longer and needs little or no maintenance. Some standard preparation methods include:

  • Chemical treatment – The method involves applying an acidic solution to the surface, so it has better strength against chemical or physical weathering.
  • Passing the chemically treated surface through heat may be necessary to achieve an even more rigid layer.
  • Mechanical treatment – The most common way of preparing the surface using mechanical methods is by using sweep blasting at reasonably low pressure. Blasts will use different materials, such as copper or gold, and the exact one will depend on the characteristics of the galvanized metal you want to coat. We must use a particular method to apply mechanical treatments because the wrong angle and distance will cause more damage than is necessary and should be avoided.

Excess blasting is not better for the surface and will often do the opposite by causing damage and rendering the metal useless for further work.

  • Thorough cleaning

The first obstacle against painting galvanized steel is that the surface is too slick to hold onto any dirt or that it holds onto impurities like grease and dust. The most effective ways of cleaning the galvanized steel pipe include using ammonia, alkaline and solvents.

All of these can remove stubborn and volatile compounds, and we may have to use all of them to get rid of all the residue left behind entirely.

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Powder Coating Galvanized Steel Pipe

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Powder Coating Galvanized Steel Pipe

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